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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Woke up around 8 in Strike Valley to a dim and cloudy morning.

started driving up the road and found our way to the Mesa market. What a great little organic farm this is, run by a little goblin man from goblin Valley. His face looks just like the strange dripping faces in the Utah rock. Made friends with Jesse and Roseanne. We got samples and bought homemade chevre and feta, extremely fresh coffee, and sticky buns, played with some this place.

After that we got cleaned up with some marvelous showers I knew about in Hanksville, and then drove the rest of the way to Moab. So good to be back here, I love Moab, it's a great place. We got a little stressed in town doing errands, I was unable to blog as well as I'd like and couldn't find an oil change.

That's okay, then we went to Laurel's house. She's got the best house with a big garden full of mallows and chickens, sculptures lying around, and a school bus guest house. Some cats and her dog wandering. But what was best was seeing Lars and Laurel, they are really good people. Unfortunately it looks like our river trip will be cancelled due to a storm. That's okay though, another time.

So Laurel had to work today and we hung out with Lars. The three of us went to Arches National Park around sunset. We were laughing and joking the whole time, catching up on each others lives. It was great we hiked to the Delicate Arch, I was so happy to see it. A big storm was moving in and there was lightning behind the arch. Pretty epic! It was very good company and a very good time. We ran like maniacs down to slickrock on our way back like me and Lars always do. We ran down into the Grand Canyon once. Maggie ran with us too! All the tourists look at it at us like we're insane and make all kinds of comments, its a lot of fun.

It was getting dark as we approached the car. The drive past the dark and pillars and towers of rock in Arches was highlighted by wild lightning behind them. The town of Moab shimmered through the rain a thousand feet below us. Still we laughed and joked and clapped for the storm. We then parted with Lars for we had a date planned for months in advance at this sushi place, Sabaku. We had ceviche and it was perfection, the best thing I ever ate. The sushi was great and tempura banana with green tea ice cream for dessert. A great meal we'll go there every time we're here.

The rain then got really wild, it flooded the streets. We made our way back to Laurel's house where I got drenched setting up the tarp and organizing the damp bed naked in the rain. We're very content and cozy now, under the gentle tapping of rain.

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