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Friday, August 29, 2014

Central Oregon

Unfortunately I haven't had cell service at shelter cove resort or crater lake and my blog has sadly fallen behind. We are about to take off for another 5 day stint in the mountains after which I should have an up to date entry. For now, here are my pictures from Oregon up through the 3 sisters...
An awe iinspiring breakfast buffet at timberline lodge.
Homemade whip cream and real maple syrup on the waffle plus blueberries, blackberries, chocolate chips and hazelnuts!
Our friend Clayton "Eskimo Boy" at mt. Hood. We travelled with him for 7 days!
Beloved Mt. Hood, Oregon's tallest. 

Here's phantasmal "Little Crater Lake"

It rained on us off and on for 4 days.

It got really miserable around Mt Jefferson and we hid in some trees for over an hour. Then we hiked for 4 hours in the cold rain afterwards. We were wet rats in camp that night!

Then the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy the trail around the Three Fingered Jack.

Our camp at Big Lake Youth camp. An awesome little summer camp where they let us eat the cafeteria buffets with the kids. They had a nacho lunch and homemade cupcakes which satisfied all our cravings! Then we missed dinner but got Invited to an Ice cream buffet. Then they found out we missed dinner and brought us leftovers. All for free!!! And free showers and laundry this was such a nice place.
Mt Washington.

Lava fields heading towards the 3 sisters.

North Sister around sunset.

Maggie walking on the lava.

Some of Oregons awesome volcanoes, mt washington 3 fingered jack and mt Jefferson viewed from the 3 Sisters.

Middle Sister

South Sister.

Some people walked up and gave us these as we were chillin by Charlton Lake. So nice and so refreshing!!

Oregon has been so beautiful, sorry I cant write more at this time. Enjoy these pictures I should have a good entry in a few days...


  1. Beer, sausage, and cherries from strangers! Life is good!

  2. The pictures tell a good story even without lots of description. Walking on lava rocks around a volcano, incredible vistas. Pretty incredible!